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LOVE SPELLS: Cast Love Spells or Casting love spells for your Love, love spells specially lost love spells or soul mate spells, are also cast.

Some of the Powerful Love Spells are:

Retrieve a Lost Love Spells (Retrieve a Love):
If you have these questions I want my lover back with a spell, or I want my lost love back with a powerful love spell, or I want to attract my love, then you can go for powerful attraction love spells.

Gay Love Spells:
Gay Love spells are very powerful love spells to attract some one of the same sex.

Unconditional Love Spell:
Do you want to love some one unconditionally, or are you unsure that your love is loyal to you, then go for Unconditional Love Spells.

Break Up Spell or Breaking or Breakup spells:
Are you afraid that your love is not loving you the same way as before, loosing interest in you, and you feel the same way, then you may go for the powerful breakup or magic love break up spells.

Also more spells like Change your lovers mind spell, love spells, lust spells, sex spells, wicca spells and witchcraft spells are available.

Lost Love Spells:
Lost Love Spell or Spells are used or performed, in cases where you have lost your love and all the efforts that you have tried have failed and there is no way that you can get your love back. The Lost love spell will bring your love back to you unconditionally. Also if your love is with someone else then by the power of this spell your love will break his or her relation and will be with you.

If you have questions about any of the spells, or about any other topic, please email me and I will answer your questions.

Voodoo Dolls are said to be very powerful voodoo dolls or magic voodoo dolls, voodoo dolls can be used for protection from any type of evil or black magic and many times it is also used as a source of destruction to destroy your enemy who is trying to harm or hurt you. Voodoo doll is used for taking revenge with your enemies as to destroy your enemy slowly by the power of voodoo doll, as voodoo dolls when in contact with you will get activated charged and will do great wonders for you.


Water is the element for love; it is also Aphrodite‘s special element, so here is special formula for a love bath. It may be taken alone or with someone you love. If you take it alone, it is wise to ask the Goddess of love, such as Aphrodite, Lakshmi, or Oshun, for the love that will make you the happiest and most fulfilled in the receiving and the giving. Use one part of each of the following:
Patchouli, Lemon Verbena, Cinnamon, Vetiver, Rose.
Once the potion has been prepared and added to the bath water, add:
3 drops of Musk Oil, 3 drops of Frangipani (Almond) Oil, 3 drops of Vanilla.
Take a lock of her hair, some nail clippings, and menstrual fluid. take a lock of your hair, some of your nail clippings, and some of your semen. Wrap these items neatly in bright red paper. With gold ink write the Chinese characters for love, good fortune, and happiness on side. On the other side write your true name.
Now gather your chi and infuse the package with your chi. You must do this at sunrise after the chinese new year and before the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere).
Note: make sure you gather the semen correctly. Write the chinese characters precisely. Know your true name. Know how to gather chi and infuse chi.
Warning: this is not a minor undertaking. Technically you‘re binding your life into this spell. If you do not protect or properly undo this spell, you risk serious harm to yourself. If you do not do this spell properly, you risk serious harm to yourself. If you really mess up this spell, you mess up your life and her life.

A simple love spell: To gain the love of someone: on a night of the full moon, walk to a spot beneath your beloved‘s bedroom window, and whisper his/her name three times to the nightwind.


Candle-spell to win the love of a man or woman: This is from "The Master Book of Candle Burning" by Henri Gamache, written in 1942:
On a Friday, when the Moon is waxing, start the following:
Altar Layout:
1 1 5
((((( 3 4 ((((( 2 6
Photo or object Bible of the one that is loved goes here
Position 1-1 White altar (cross shaped) candles, dressed with Hi Altar Brand Oil
Position 2 Red candle dressed with Love Oil
Position 3 Astral Candle of the one that is loved
dressed with Zodiac oil
Position 4 red candle dressed with Love oil
Position 5 Astral candle of one that who seeks love
dressed with Zodiac Oil
Position 6 Gold candle dressed with Attraction oil
Move camdles no 2 and 3 in the direction of arrows 1 inch each day.
Bible reading: If you are a man, read Song of Solomon Chapter 6. If you are a woman read Chapter 8. Burn candles 2 hours each day until satisfied.
Frankincense and Myrrh may be burned while reading the Biblical passages. Place incense burner between the Bible and the photo.
Colors for astral candles:
Aries: white
Taurus: red
Gemini: light blue
Cancer: green
Leo: green
Virgo: gold
Libra: dark red
Scorpio: brown
Sagittarius: green
Capricorn: black
Aquarius: blue
Pisces: pink
Treat him / her nice, I hope it works out for you. If you‘re gay, substitute Lavender Love Drops for Love oil.


Well, this spell isn‘t for love, it‘s for lust. It‘s all achemical thing anyway, so love might evolve out of it. Materials: target‘s picture, your picture, target‘s action figure, your action figure, colored cloth, and yarn, 3 candles, 2 rubber bands, a lighter, and a shoe box.
Doll Making: Pick a target you are truly in lust with and find their picture. Buy a doll or action figure for your gender and one for the target‘s gender. Put their picture over the doll face and secure it with a fastener. Do the same for the doll that represents you.
Clothes Making: Use the color that represents lust, love or both to you. Buy a cloth of that color that is large enough to wrap, cover the dolls. Find string, or yarn of the same color to fasten it. Write on the cloth, "Lust". Tie two knots in the yarn.
The Ritual: Light a love candle for you and a love candle for the target. Say: "This candle is my burning love for you.". And "This candle is your will to love.". Place the target‘s doll near the target candle and your doll near yours. Place a third candle between the two candles unlit. Say: "This is the growing lust between us, attracting us to each other." Take the two candles with both hands and light the center candle with them at the same time. Extinguish the light of the target candle and your candle. Say: "By the light of our growing lust for each other, I bind us with it until I should choose to break the bonds and part ways with you."
Cover the dolls facing each other with the cloth and bind it with the yarn by making one more knot in addition to the two. Place the dolls in a shoebox and make sure no one disturbs the box.
[To make a generic lust-attractor:] ...just wrap your own doll in the cloth but don‘t bind it. Place it in the shoe box. Say once a day while holding the wrapped doll: "I have increased my power to attract!" Do this until you feel that other‘s attraction to you is sufficient for your needs.

Take a picture of the person you want to get married to, keep the picture under your bed for 15 days, then remove the picture and sprinkle It with basin powder. After this is done stick your picture to the wall and chant these magic words 10 times every day for 15 days:
Ban bee patak kangfe Habzee Lubadi Zamboola
You will get married soon.

Hair plays a very important role in casting powerful love spells. You may take the hair of the person you love or wish. After you have taken his/her hair, you may take your hair also, mix both the hairsamples together, apply a mould of ghankar roots, and keep it with you for 40 days.
After 40 days you will see miracles by the spell that you have done or performed.

You have to use the 4th Venus pentacle in The Key of Solomon. Write it on paper (after ceansing it) or copper and perform the rituals that are mentioned in the book. After that, you will have to put it in a green silk bag and wear it around your neck. When you meet the girl (boy) you desire, just show it to her / him. This will make her / him fall helplessley in love with you!



FERTILITY SPELLS are said to be very effective and strong. Fertility spells if done correctly, will do wonders. These are very strong and effective spells and will give you positive results. If you are scared and want to be assured of having a safe pregnancy, you want to prevent miscarriages, you want to start your own family but have no success so far... then now is the right time for you to perform this Spell.
You will have to start performing this spell on a Thursday. Burn 5 incense sticks in your room where you will be performing this spell. Say these words: YAA AAQIBO, as much as you can like if you are sitting walking or traveling etc keep saying these words and it is important that you may burn 5 incense sticks every day.
By the grace of goal you will achieve your goal

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