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Witchcraft spells or wicca spells are strong magic spells, casting witchcraft spells or cast witchcraft spells my way, wicca spells can do wonders for you. Again you can use talismans, charms and incense sticks also coloured candles for rituals, ceremonies and Witchcraft Spells.
Witchcraft, in various historical, religious and mythical contexts, is the use of certain kinds of alleged supernatural or magical powers. A witch is a person who practices this craft, and may be male or female. In historical, mythological and demonological contexts a male "witch" is more frequently termed a wizard, sorcerer, warlock, or simply a magician.
This term can have positive or negative connotations depending on cultural context; for instance, in European cultures it has historically been associated with evil and the Devil, while most modern practitioners see it as benificent and morally positive. The word "witch" derives from the Old English root "wit", which is the natural ability to percieve and understand. A "witch" is consequently a person with that ability. Wicce/wicca are Old English variations loosely meaning "the wisdom" or "the practice of wisdom", even "practioners of wisdom". This aside, its origins predating the Anglo-Saxon era constitute the major substance of debate regarding its history. Most probable of Old English cognate relationships is a derivation of the Old English noun forms m. wicca and f. wicce from the OE verb wiccian and from a Proto-Germanic predecessor thereof. Earlier, the Proto-Germanic *wikkjaz offers a probable cognate, and later, Low German provides wicker (soothsayer).
Colloquially, the term witch is applied almost exclusively to women, although in earlier English the term was applied to men as well, while in Old English, the masculine and feminine noun forms, wicca and wicce respectively, were phonetically and orthographically distinct. Contemporary Neo-Pagan Wiccans have reclaimed "witch" attempting to remove what they see as gynophobic or misogynist Christian and Patriarchal connotations. Male witches have most often been titled sorcerers, wizards, or warlocks despite Wiccan and Neo-Pagan dislike for the latter, appropriating it to the Old English wærloga* meaning "faith breaker"; however, this may reveal a desire for categorical unity or a possible tendency to misandry among self-identified witches rather than referring to any word's actual etymological roots.

Are you having problems in your love relation? Are you trying to find your soul mate and still you have not succeeded? Are you suffering and want your love back into your life? Do you want to attract some one and get him into your life? Are you scared that you may loose your love and want to bring your love back who is with someone else? Do you think that someone has cast a love spell on your love? Do you want that your love should come to you forever and without any condition? Are you trying to attract someone? Or are you trying to get rid of someone? Then for all these purposes here are special spells for you.

Wicca Spell are very strong and Powerful. Cast Wicca Spell for a number of problems: Love, Money, Hex, Curse, Revenge or more. So are you in need of spells. I will cast powerful magic spells. By proper spells casting everything is possible. If you may have any type if questions regarding witchcraft spells, just email me (use the Contact button above) your name, birthdate and nationality and will be answering to all your questions.

More spells to be added soon.



[1] I have got many emails that people are getting good results so I am writing it here you may try it and let me know the results, as you must be aware that it may take about 40 days for a spell to show its effects. First you will have to cast this spell on a Friday. You may take your bath in the evening after 7, the main purpose of taking a bath is that you must be very clean and holy, you may do your normal prayers and then get ready for the spell. First you may choose a place in your house where you will perform the spell. Once you have chosen the place then you may take a chalk or color and make a circle. The circle should be big enough for you to sit in, as you will have to sit inside the circle. Once this is done then you may take six candles and place them on the circle in such a way that the six candles are completely surrounding you. When this is done you are ready to perform the spell. You may burn the six candles and may close your eyes with deep concentration. While your eyes are closed you will have to do deep concentration and may think of the person that you love and who is in your mind. After you have focused with deep concentration on the person you love then you may say these words:
"AL KHALIKO" - 100 times.
You may do this about 100 times for 40 days. Once this is done you will get some news from your loved ones. It is also possible that you may see the results very soon, but don't stop this work prematurely; complete the 40 days so that in future you may never have such a problem again.
Also you may take special Incense sticks and every evening after 7 you may burn 1 stick and while burning the Incense you may keep in your mind the reason why you are burning the Incense.

[2] Binding spells is specially performed to bring 2 lovers close to each other and bind them forever, what you have to do is pray the words "YAA DAAIN" at least 360 times. But you may read these words in the morning hours, also keep in mind for what reason you are praying these words as that is very important and also proper concentration. When you will pray these words no other thoughts should come in your mind.



Witchcraft Spells and wicca spells, are very powerful and will help you. You can use talismans and charms as ingredients for witchcraft spells. Witchcraft and wiccan Spells are spells mostly used in love relations as witch craft spells. Are you having money problems, do you have to pay too many debts? Your financial problems are not ending? In business you are not getting success, and also money is running away from you? You have a business but you are not able to get customers? You are in need of money fast and urgent? Then here is a special prosperity spell for you, where all problems will be solved. Here is the procedure on how you will perform the spell.
You will have to do this operation before sunrise in the morning. You will have to take a glass of water and pray on the water these words:
"AL AZEEZO" - 360 times
Once you have done this, you may drink this glass of water. Once you will start this work slowly you will see lots of changes in your life and your financial problem also will be solved. It would be better that you may start this work on a Friday as this day is supposed to be a sacred day and mostly all your new work, new project any ceremony should be done on a Friday as well. Also it is said that any prayers or rituals done on this day will always give very good and positive results. If for any reason you can not do things on a Friday then you can do it on Thursdays as well. Avoid Monday and Saturday as these days are lazy days and will never give you good results. Also whenever you are free and have free time keep praying or chanting "AL AZEEZO" will always help you and will open the doors to success.



Each culture has its own particular body of concepts dealing with magic, religion, benevolent and harmful spirits, and ritual; and these ideas do not find obvious equivalents in other cultures. Sometimes witch is used to refer, broadly, to the practice of indigenous magic, and has a connotation similar to shamanism. Depending on the values of the community, craft in this sense may be regarded with varying degrees of respect or suspicion, or with ambivalence, being neither intrinsically good nor evil. Members of some religions have applied the term witch craft in a pejorative sense to refer to all magical or ritual practices other than those sanctioned by their own doctrines, though this has become less common, at least in the Western world, according to some religious doctrine. Such religions consider their own ritual practices to be not at all magical, but rather simply variations of prayer.
This topic is very big so if you may have any queries just email me. I will be answering to all your questions in details. Remember always use magick for good. Also cast spells but without any mistake or error. Be away from any type of black magic spells. Always use white magic to achieve your goals.

Are you suffering from black magic spells, evil spells, curses and more? Has someone sent negative energy to you, and you want that energy to be returned to that person? Are you in search of a very strong black magic protection spell? Do you feel that your house and also your family are under black magic attack? You want to destroy all the black magic and evil effects not only from you but your entire family? This spell should be performed in the night after 11 o'clock. While performing this spell no one should be in your room as there should be complete privacy while performing this spell Also it is recommended that you may perform this spell after your dinner, as your stomach should not be empty. You will have to take 10 incense sticks every day and burn them in your room where you have chosen to perform this work. First you have to burn 8 sticks and at that time you will have to close you eyes with full concentration and think of what you want to do or for what reason you are performing this spell. Then when you are burning the 9th stick you will have to say these words:
"AL KUDOOSO" - 400 times
before the 10 incense sticks are over. Slowly you will start noticing lots of changes and also will see that a protective shield is formed around you that will always protect you from any problems. Remember you will have to do this work during 40 days.



Special healing spells available now; any type of healing whether it is Psychic Healing, Spiritual Healing or even Aura Cleansing etc. Are you suffering from any type of diseases whether it is chronic or anything then these special healing spells will act immediately for you and do wonders. Here is a special spell for healing, once you have performed it, email me and let me know the results. You will have to perform this spell on a Monday. You may wear only white clothes, you will require rose water and incense sticks for this work. Again you may choose a room in your house where you will perform this spell. Once you have chosen a room then first you may sprinkle rose water in that room. You may start this work in the afternoon say about 2 o'clock. You will have to pray the words "AL MUSAVIRO" 360 times. Every day you may pray this and after you finish praying these magic words you can do anything you want, slowly you will start noticing lots of changes in your life.

So are you in need of spells. I will cast powerful magic spells. By proper spells casting everything is possible. If you may have any type if questions regarding witchcraft spells, you may email me (use the Contact button above) your name, birthdate and nationality and will be answering to all your questions.

More Spells will be added soon.

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